Which Pho Menu?

Which Pho Menu?


Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup that is beloved for its flavorful broth, tender meat, and fresh herbs. When dining at a Pho restaurant, you may be faced with a variety of menu options. Here, we will explore the different types of Pho menus you may encounter.

Traditional Pho Menu

The traditional Pho menu typically includes a variety of options for the broth, such as beef, chicken, and vegetarian. You can also choose the type of meat you’d like in your Pho, such as rare steak, brisket, meatballs, or tripe. The menu may also offer different sizes of Pho bowls, from small to extra large. Traditional Pho menus often include additional toppings like bean sprouts, basil, lime, and jalapenos.

Specialty Pho Menu

Some Pho restaurants may have a specialty menu featuring unique and creative Pho dishes. This could include fusion Pho dishes that incorporate ingredients from other cuisines, such as Mexican or Korean. Specialty Pho menus may also offer seasonal or limited-time offerings that showcase different flavors and ingredients.

Vegan Pho Menu

For those who follow a plant-based diet, some Pho restaurants offer a vegan Pho menu. This menu typically features a vegetable-based broth and options for tofu, mushrooms, and other plant-based proteins. Vegan Pho menus may also include a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs for added flavor and texture.

Customizable Pho Menu

Some Pho restaurants offer a customizable Pho menu where you can build your own bowl of Pho. This allows you to choose your preferred broth, meat, noodles, and toppings to create a personalized Pho experience. Customizable Pho menus are great for those who have specific dietary preferences or restrictions.


When dining at a Pho restaurant, the menu options can vary from traditional to specialty to vegan. Whether you prefer a classic bowl of Pho or want to try something new and unique, there is a Pho menu out there for you. Explore the different menu options and enjoy the delicious flavors of this beloved Vietnamese dish.