Vermicelli & Broken Rice

The following are served w/ bean sprouts, lettuce, mints, picked radishes & carrots, topped w/ crushed peanuts

Add on: Spring roll  
Vermicelli w/ Charbroiled Chicken   
Vermicelli w/ Charbroiled Pork  
Vermicelli w/ Charbroiled Beef  
Vermicelli w/ Charbroiled Shrimp  
Vermicelli with Crispy Spring Rolls  
Vermicelli Deluxe   

Vermicelli Combo    
Charbroiled chicken, shrimp, meatballs, stuffed grape leaves, crispy spring roll

Thin vermicelli Charbroiled  Chicken 

Thin vermicelli Charbroiled  Beef 

Thin vermicelli Charbroiled  Shrimp 

Thin vermicelli Charbroiled Pork,pork ball, Spring Roll 


Small grain rice with your choice of charbroiled meat(s)

Broken Rice w/ Charbroiled Pork  
Broken Rice w/ Charbroiled Pork Chop  
Broken Rice Deluxe  
Charbroiled pork chop, shredded pork, egg quiche, fried egg

Broken Rice w/ Charbroiled Chicken  
Broken Rice w/ Charbroiled Beef  
Broken Rice w/ Charbroiled Shrimp  
Broken Rice Combo  
Charbroiled chicken, beef, shrimp & steamed broccoli

FRIED RICE Fried Rice w/ Your Choice of (choose one):    
       Chicken     -Roast Pork

Fried Rice w/your choice of (choose one ) shrimp/beef/ Deluxe  

Fresh Pineapple Fried Rice w/your choice ( choice one ) 

                         (  chicken ,shrimp ,pork )





Vietnam Palace Menu - Vermicelli