Crispy Spring Rolls 
Stuffed w/ chicken, noodles, minced carrots & mushroom.
Shrimp & Pork Rolls (Summer Rolls) 
Bean sprout, lettuce, mint leaves, rice vermicelli wrapped in fresh rice paper.
Jicama Rolls 
Cooked jicama, carrots, Chinese sausage, baby shrimp wrapped in fresh rice paper.
Crispy crepe stuffed w/ shrimp, chicken, bean sprout & onions .
Stuffed Grape Leaves 
Charbroiled beef wrapped in grape leaves, topped w/ crushed peanuts.
Charbroiled Meatballs 
Charbroiled pork meatballs, topped with crushed peanuts .Served w/ rice papers and peanut sauce dipping.
Beef Carpaccio 
Thinly sliced flank steak marinated in lime juice & spices, topped w/ crushed peanuts (spicy).
Sate Beef 
Charbroiled beef marinated in honey, garlic & lemongrass seasoning, topped w/ crushed peanuts. Served with rice papers & fish sauce dipping.
Beef Short Ribs 
Charbroiled beef short ribs marinated in sesame, garlic & honey.
Chicken Skewers 
Charbroiledskewered chicken tenders marinated in curry-lemongrass.
Charbroiled Shrimp Lemongrass 
Charbroiled tiger shrimp marinated in lemongrass, served over a bed of lettuce.
Charbroiled Squid Lemongrass 
Charbroiled squid marinated in lemongrass, served over a bed of lettuce.
Mussels in Garlic Broth 
New Zealand green mussels cooked in garlic- basil broth.

Vietnam Palace Menu - Jicama Rolls